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I'd like to say a few things about Neptune. The descriptions in Jim Lewis's original pamphlet (the one that goes out with A*C*G maps from Astro Numerics) of the influence experienced by people in localities where Neptune is angular, is really scary. It freaks people out.

The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy has descriptions of Neptune on the angles that bring into focus more of the positive benefits of living under such an influence. Though, I must admit, if you are not an artist, musician, model or monk, it's still hard to read these descriptions without the shadow of inevitable personal gloom and doom. Yes, Neptune lines are tricky. You may say that a person who enjoys living under this influence is delusional, and in some cases you would be exactly right. And, that is not the only picture.

I have a friend who has lived two degrees away from her Neptune MC line for 18 years. Her natal Neptune T-squares her Aquarian Sun and Leo Vesta/Uranus (currently super stressed by transiting Uranus). Neptune is also exactly conjunct the MC of her relocated chart. A Capricorn Saturn gives assistance near her relocated ASC in the first house, but it, too, can bring big challenges.

This woman is a mother of three children, owner and CEO of a progressive "Ben and Jerry's" type alternative, thriving business, incredible writer and hostess, well loved in her community, and not planning on moving away. Granted, her factory flooded twice, and she had several affairs before separating from her high school sweetheart husband . . . her insurance company took care of the cost of the damage and she maintains a close relationship with her ex. They regularly take camping trips and vacations as a family.

Despite this rosy picture, her life is not a picnic. She lives and works for an ideal vision of community that is hard to live up to. Occasionally she falls short of her own high standards and often the dominant cultural paradigms interrupt her flow and mess up her plans. But for the most part, she has learned to face her ideal with open eyes and is learning how to choose appropriate support people to whom she can allocate responsibilities and trust that the work will be done with integrity.

Neptune is a seductive trickster. His lesson plans appear vague with lots of room to shift focus and/or change interpretation. But ultimately Neptune lines ask us to commit to our individuality and ourselves as we merge with the cosmos. We are asked to stay connected but unattached. It is only when we lose connection with our authentic core that angular Neptune locations dispense experiences of the gloom and doom variety. When we maintain connection with the seed of our individuality, we do not get lost in the cosmic pool of possibilities unrealized. Rather, we learn to flow with the changing expectations of life's tidal pull. From this rooted place we can make a profound difference in the world around us as we unite with the cosmic mind.

It is true. Some people experience successive betrayals, loss of self to addictions, dependency, delusion, getting chewed, swallowed, and spit out by spiritual ideals that cause their mundane worlds to disintegrate under the influence of Neptune. But even my sleepiest clients (those people not at all interested in personal growth, let alone astrology. . . only talking to me because a partner/mother/friend paid for the consultation), when pushed are usually able to identify in hindsight the very moment they "kinda knew," but chose to disregard what they "knew" in pursuit of what they wanted to believe.

Usually there is a time just before they embark on the fantasy, or before the dung hits the fan, when the truth they "knew" in the beginning gives a swift poke in the ribs. At this juncture, rather than listen to their own best judgment, they choose to get lost in the illusion.

This is where the astrologer has an opportunity to really make a difference in a person's life. That "confusion," I believe, is an intellectual response to having a deep truth that the native does not like. This uncomfortable truth, if looked at, would cause the native to have to come to terms with the rift between the movie they wish they were in, and the one that is actually playing on the screen. Self-deception, "you get what you settle for," and issues of self-worth would be issues with which the native would have to grapple and come to terms.

Three keys to survival under Neptune's influence are 1. reality check; 2. get a second opinion; and 3. be blatantly honest with yourself.

Some of our clients do not have the tools or the desire to venture this deeply into their own personal story. For those clients I may say, "Let's see if we can get you away from this Neptune influence." But what if they can't get away? Then it is our job to teach the intervention skills of "reality check." Help clients make some commitments to themselves around quality control. We can suggest that the "confused feeling" is a red flag pointing to a probability of a picture looming just beneath the surface of their situation, the details of which are bound to contradict the pretty picture they want to believe is being painted.

Encourage them to trust this knowledge. If they've been in the betrayal circle for awhile, they'll be more likely willing to take your advice to heart. If they've just arrived, they may need Neptune to pound them into the surf a few times before they can realize that their strongest ally resides inside themselves. A person may need to grieve the loss of their fantasy in order to face their "reality movie" and begin to change destructive patterns of relating to themselves and others. This could be the very reason their soul journeyed to this locality.

It is not up to us to play God and save clients from this hard lesson. To encourage them to leave a Neptune line before they've integrated the teaching there might be a grave disservice. To prepare a people with intervention skills for dealing with the challenges, which inevitably arise in a Neptune area, could empower them to transcend their old limiting beliefs which dictate who they can be in this world.

Localities with Neptune angular provide us with the opportunity to be wholly connected to ourselves while merging with All That Is. One thing is for sure, the soul goes where it will have the opportunity to fulfill its karma, no matter where we suggest the client go!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Topaz Weis, founder of Travelling Temple Mystery School, is a full-service astrologer, licensed instructor and interpreter of A*C*G, and tarot consultant. Topaz's approach to her work is both psychological and transpersonal. Her readings and workshops take her throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Topaz's straightforward teaching style is thorough and upbeat. She can be reached by Topaz Weis.

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