One of the wonderful legacies of Jim Lewis that we at CONTINUUM are honored to fulfill is his wish to continue support of creativity, investigative thinking, and networking within the astrological and research community.


Continuum has pledged money to Kepler to secure a star for Jim Lewis in the Founder's Circle of Stars but we still have to raise some of the money. It is our hope that all those who have benefited from Jim's teaching will join us by making a tax deductible donation to Kepler College.


Past Grant Recipients


In remembrance of Jim's desire to perpetually promote intellectual astrological development and evolution, CONTINUUM has issued cash grants to the following recipients:

1996 GRANTS:

Robin Armstrong
Breast Cancer Research Fund
Bruno & Louise Huber
Kenneth Irving
Jayj Jacobs
Kepler College
Lin Yun Temple
Ron Mahka
Project Hindsight
Slaven Slabodnjak
Toronto State of the Art Conference
Urania Trust

1997 GRANTS:

AFAN Mixers at various conferences
Kenneth Bowser/Jim Lewis Library
Moria Caine
Demetra George
Kalli Halvorson
Michael Heleus
Alan Richter
EF Educational Tours
Slaven Slabodnjak
Ena Stanley
Alan Vaughan

1998 GRANTS:

AFAN (for UAC and book drive)
Robin Armstrong
Jayj Jacobs
Slaven Slobodjak
Ena Stanley
Alan Vaughn
Kepler College
Bert Fanin
Cynthia Withers
Lawrence Walters
Ariele Guttman
Project Hindsight
Topaz Weis
Johanna Mitchell

1999 GRANTS:

Bible Tabernacle
Cosmosis Creations
Joyce Jensen--Astrological Institute of Arizona
Kepler College
Mercury Hour
Cynthia McAdams
Erin Sullivan
Urania Magazine - Irina Antonya
Donna Van Toen

2000 GRANTS:

Nick Dagen Best
The Astrologers' Memorial Web Site
Kepler College
Michael Meyer
David Westover
Bible Tabernacle Church
Alan Vaughn

2001 GRANTS:

AFAN Bylaws Committee
Kepler College
Demtra George
Blanca Rendoza
Matt Muir
Dorey Hutton

2002 GRANTS:

Jayj Jacobs
Kepler College
Lynn Staunbacher

2003 GRANTS:

Evian Hilliard
Scott Wolfram
Klaus Bonert
Alan Perla
Madison Powers
Brian Ruse
Matt Moir
Kaiser Cancer Research
John Hoeknell

2004 GRANTS:

William Arndt
Kai Ying Tung
Shambala Corp.
Theresa Zuffante.
Jerry Brown for Attorney General
Paul Bottiliero
Warren Cuccurello

2006 - 2023 GRANTS:

Liz Houle

To Apply for A Grant

Funds are no longer as extensive as they were in the first few years after Jim's death. However, to the extent our receipts allow, we accept proposals from individuals or groups seeking funding of $100 to $500 in grant monies. To be considered for a grant, send a proposal letter to CONTINUUM at:

How to Contact Continuum


For testing materials and inquiries contact Karen McCauley:

Karen McCauley
675 SW 126th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97005-0708
Tel: (503) 626-2521
Karen McCauley

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