As of 2011, Kepler offers a certificate in locational astrology. The first term is on Astro*Carto*Graphy (Astromapping I) and will be taught by Karen McCauley and Madalyn Hillis-Dineen . There is also a local astrology class taught by Tamira McGillivray.

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Location Astrology

This certificate covers the history and astronomy of astromapping and current applications related to geodetics, local space, relocation, and astro*carto*graphy

AM201 Astromapping I

This course is designed to prepare people for the Continuum Level 1 Exam. Includes historical precursors and 20th century development of astromapping; basic astronomical principles involved in mapping techniques; relation of mapping to natal chart construction and meaning; likely themes connected with specific planet-angle combinations; interpreting difference in location relative to specific lines; understanding parans; identifying shadowed planets, analysis of natal chart to determine desirable planets to emphasize through relocation.

WL220 - A + B


OCTOBER, 2002: A long awaited addition to Jim Lewis' legacy--the publication of his posthumous book, Peter Pan in Midlife and the Midlife of America: A Personal and Collective Memoir. See an excerpt here.

A great many of our practitioners are now on the web, so we regularly update our practitioner list, adding website and email addresses to make it easier to find qualified people. We also have, for the first time, an email tree so that our practitioners can network and exchange information.

We are pleased to offer a goodly collection of educational articles, a bibliography of books now in print about our field, and a set of ethical guidelines for astrolocality and Astro*Carto*Graphy practice. We anticipate that the collection of articles will continue to grow, so bookmark this site and check back in from time to time. If you would like to submit an article, with a bio and a link to your website, e-mail us.

Continuum continues to conduct certification exams. For more information about future test dates, the procedure, and an application, click here.

How to Contact Continuum

For testing materials and inquiries contact Karen McCauley:

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Karen McCauley

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