©1994 by Jim Lewis

Although Jim prepared this list of techniques and principles originally as a study guide for people taking the Astro*Carto*Graphy certification test, we wanted to offer it here for anyone who is seriously studying this specialty. Those who want to become certified should look at the page on our testing procedure.

THE LINES NEAREST THE PLACE YOU WANT TO GO DETERMINE ACTIVITIES IN THAT PLACE. The nearest lines, within orbs, are those that influence the place in question.

THE PLACE NEAREST THE LINES SYMBOLIZES DESIRED ACTIVITIES. You may select a planetary line that symbolizes a part of the self that you desire to expand awareness of, and expect that in localities near that line, such consciousness will prevail.

PLACES OF "NO" INFLUENCE: Lack of planetary lines does not mean lack of significance of existence. Lines describe only emphasis of particular qualities in consciousness.

MEANINGS OF EACH ANGLE: Each angle influences the meanings of the planets according to its traditional house meaning: MIDHEAVEN, you exemplify the planet in your career. ASCENDANT, you exemplify the planet in your outer persona, and tend to be confused with that planet's potentials in the consciousness of others. DESCENDANT, the planet acts through other people, often, in your environment. IC, the planet operates to change your consciousness of your basic, immutable nature, particularly as defined by race, ancestry, nationality, and family.

ORB. There is a range of influence for each Astro*Carto*Graphy feature. LINES: About 700 miles (about 8 degrees, 5 degrees = 450 miles) either side of the line. TIME: All things being equal, about a year, but activation of natal potentials tend to result when CYCLO*CARTO*GRAPHY lines aspect or activate natal potentials. CROSSINGS: Orb is about 1/16 inch either side.

LOOK AT THE ENTIRE NATAL COMPLEX. Each ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY line bears with it the sign, house, aspects, and any other qualifying information pertaining to the natal planet which it designates.

PERSONAL DIFFERENTIATION: Different planets will affect different people differently. Example: Men and women react differently under Mars lines. Virgo and Pisces personalities react differently to Neptune influences.

DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE LINES: Generally, west of the line will describe the planet in the angular house. Locations east of the line find the designated planet in the cadent house. Individual judgment must be made as to whether a planet is more externally or internally liable to manifest in the different positions. But generally speaking, the inward positions are west of the Midheaven, east of the IC, west of the Ascendant, and east of the Descendant, according to hemisphere emphasis as described by Marc Edmund Jones.

CROSSINGS: (paranatellonta) Any crossing of two ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY lines on a map influences not only the area in which they cross, but the entire line of latitude at which the crossing occurs. The orb of influence is approximately one degree either side of that line.

TRANSITS AND PROGRESSIONS also modify the natal picture. These are best seen with CYCLO*CARTO*GRAPHY overlays - but transits and progressions will give roughly similar results of times of natal planets' activation. SOLAR RETURNS: Theoretically, solar returns in ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY map form should highlight "cycles within cycles" - highlighting certain areas only for the year in question.

ZENITHS: The "zeros" on the Midheaven line designate positions on Earth at which the designated planet was directly overhead - coincident in both latitude and longitude. Like crossings, they have "latitude transference," and seem centers of the activity indicated by the planet.

THE "VORTEX"--There is a position in extreme northern and southern latitudes where many lines cross, and while little is known of this influence, the few reports suggested this area to be anxiety producing, upsetting, and difficult.

"REMOTE ACTIVATION"--Distant localities may affect you through people from that area, business conducted remotely, or in any other way. The areas' potentials activate abstractly in absentia.

MIDPOINTS: Another tentative idea - that a location exactly equidistant from two ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY lines, as measured along the line of latitude at which the place exists, will experience a midpoint, blended influence of the two lines in question.

METAPHYSICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Many people report past lives and other paranormal experiences in conjunction with their ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY lines. These may be either seen as that, or as examples of consciousness extended along ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY lines and being interpreted as alternative time experiences.

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