How I Use Astro*Carto*Graphy
©2000 by Marcia Starck

There are two major ways that I have been working with Astro*Carto*Graphy lately. One way involves the use of transits; I am finding that the effect of the transit is often most powerful right on the planetary line.

As an example, in summer 1995, I was experiencing the transit of Saturn of my natal Mars in Pisces. Toward the end of the summer, its effects were to let up here in Santa Fe, even though it was still in orb of my Mars. However, in California, where I was planning a September trip and where my natal Mars line falls, it was relentless. Three places where I was supposed to stay fell through; two friends I ended up staying with both had accidents right before I arrived--one had a neck brace on, and one had a pinched nerve.

I ended up cooking for both of them and doing healings. Worst of all, the car I had carefully rented three weeks earlier was not available, and I had to quickly obtain a much more expensive car, because I had less than 24 hours to get to a book signing in Santa Cruz, several hours south. This type of experience has also been true for many of my clients.

The other way I am using Astro*Carto*Graphy a lot is in relocations. In these cases, I find the progressed map and also the transits to be invaluable. Often times the person is drawn to where progressed Jupiter is, and sometimes even progressed Venus. Sometimes the transiting Uranus line will open someone up to new experiences and help them break through old patterns. One client, who had just sold a summer home in Michigan and was looking to buy another, had a progressed Venus line right through a certain part of Idaho. Interestingly enough, that is where she had just seen a place she loved.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marcia Stark is a Medical Astrologer working with Relationships, Astro-cartography, combining depth psychology with physiological recommendations as nutrition, supplements, herbs. Author of eight books including Astrology--Key to Holistic Health, and Healing with Astrology. Lectures and workshops in US, Europe, and South America. Telephone consultations from Santa Fe. Astrologer since 1970.

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