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The A*C*G of relationship is a fascinating subject. Basically it is a simple thing but it's also a bit complicated. The way it basically works is that the planet a person has in your birthplace is a quality that they bring to you and your relationship, and that you will see in them.

For instance, if someone is born on your Venus line, they are going to bring your Venus to you. They are sort of emissaries or ambassadors of your Venus. When you have two people relating, it ends up being a reciprocal type of thing. If a friend is bringing Venus to you and you are bringing Saturn to them, that is what you each seek from the relationship. If you both happen to have been born in the same city in which you meet, it's your A*C*G line at that city that you bring to the other person.

For example, President John F. Kennedy had pretty complicated relationships. He was married to Jackie Kennedy, and his Saturn Midheaven is over her birthplace in Massachusetts. She was activating his Saturn. It was that type of relationship-a marriage of convenience, a political marriage. I'm sure they were fond of each other but at the same time it was a Saturnian type of relationship.

Jacqueline Kennedy's map had Mars near Massachusetts, so John Kennedy brought her Mars or the male thing. She had Neptune Midheaven even closer yet, so he also brought her the sacrifice of herself doing something toward the good of the whole, surrendering her own will for the good of the collective.

Jackie's life really changed in Dallas when John Kennedy got blown away, and there is her Sun on the Midheaven with Neptune as well because they were conjunct. What does Sun on the Midheaven say about here? "She was brought into prominence." It is very difficult for a woman to get in touch with her Sun, especially of Jackie's generation because the Sun is supposed to be the husband, right? So her Sun had been projected onto her husband. All of a sudden after her husband is gone, she became a world-renowned figure and had to deal with her own Sun herself. She's a Leo, so it was her Sun ruler. She moved to New York where she was under her Neptune Midheaven line during the time when reporters were all over the place. They hid in trees outside of her apartment house and clicked pictures.

Finally she escaped by marrying Onassis and went to the island of Skorpios which is on her Jupiter IC line. Apparently, if you want to marry someone rich, go to your Jupiter IC line. It's also on her Neptune Descendant line, however, which means victimization. How was she victimized? He was terrible to her. She was a non-person, a kept object, and American woman who had been the wife of the president and now all of a sudden she is supposed to stay in the house all day. He was a shipping magnate, and here is Neptune on the Descendant, so we could say that Neptune is a shadowed planet for Jackie and is acting out in this way.

Jupiter and Neptune together, an astrologer who taught me years ago said is the combination for welfare, where you are sitting there and people give you money. It saps your will power, just like all the Republicans say. If someone just gives you money all the time you stop working. Jupiter and Neptune is that idle luxury kind of thing where other people support you.

On the west coast Jack had the Moon and Venus, Venus Midheaven and Moon on the Ascendant, so on the west coast, women from there bring him a sense of femininity. In his birth chart the Moon and Venus are very shadowed indeed. Obviously this guy projected his Moon and Venus onto his wives and lovers and with not much concern to them himself. We would expect that women who come from the West Coast or Los Angeles would bring him his Moon and Venus, from Boston area Saturn in the Midheaven.

Marilyn Monroe had Venus in the Midheaven close to California, so that she typifies the Venus that John Kennedy had in his chart in Los Angeles, and what he typifies to her with his birthplace in Massachusetts, which has Mars on the Descendant. So he's Mars, and she's Venus, and guess what they did? She is bringing him to his Venus and he is bringing to her his Mars, and obviously you want a pair like that and it typifies their relationship. More than just describing what they did, it also describes the nature of their relationship. It was immediate. It was sensual. There was this Mars Venus interchange in their relationship.

Obviously it would be a different type of relationship if different planets were involved. Jackie had Uranus on the Descendant and Pluto on the Midheaven going through Los Angeles, which I feel signified Marilyn Monroe. Even with these three people who are in a three-way relationship, you can see that it fits. Marilyn brought Jackie disruption. John brought Jackie masculinity and self-sacrifice. Jackie brought John power with Saturn and John brought Marilyn masculinity, and Marilyn brought John Venus. You can see how this works. Jackie has Jupiter on the IC and Neptune on the Descendant, so he brought her good fortune and a passive type of relationship.

What this has shown, I hope, is that the birthplace of your partner brings to you and activates a part of your chart in a certain way and that is what is being brought to you by you're A*C*G map and relationship. If the spouse does not have lines running through the area of where he is born, if his birthplace has no lines on your chart, you want to find relationships that pair different planets like Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn where the pairing of the planets will describe the nature of the relationship. If there are none, it's like no lines on an A*C*G map. It simply means that there is no particular A*C*G emphasis in that relationship and you should look to the comparison of the charts. It also allows you to identify certain places that a person will come from who will bring a certain thing to you. If you're looking for more Venus in your life, you ought to look for a person who has their Venus where you were born.

BIRTH DATA: (From AstroDataBank)

JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY: May 29, 1917, 3:00 PM EST, Brookline, MA, 71W07; 42N19. Rated A, from his mother's memory.

JAQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS: July 28, 1929 2:30 PM EDT, Southampton, NY, 72W23; 40N45. Rated A, from her to Francis McEvoy.

MARILYN MONROE: Jun 1, 1926, 9:30 AM PST, Los Angeles, CA, 118W14; 34N03. Rated AA, birth record in hand.

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