Can Hades Really Rise?
©2000 by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

As I was preparing for my two 1998 UAC lectures--one on the TransNeptunian planets of the Uranian system of astrology and the other on astro-mapping techniques--I was inspired to combine the two. You might ask why I hadn't thought of that earlier since I've been a Uranian astrologer since 1979 and a certified Astro*Carto*Grapher since 1993.

Well, for one thing, the Trans-Neptunians are "hypothetical" bodies and Astro*Carto*Graphy deals with the very real, true bodily rise/set, culminating/anti-culminating positions of the sun, moon and planets. And, for another, the information wasn't readily available until recently.

Actually, if the truth is told, I wasn't really "inspired" to combine the two - I just accidentally happened upon it. I was looking at Mother Teresa's chart for the Trans-Neptunian talk (using Solar Fire 4 with the hypotheticals turned on) when I suddenly wondered what her map would look like. So, I entered Solar Maps through Solar Fire and pulled up a map of India.

Because I entered from Solar Fire, where the hypotheticals are part of my default settings, they were still turned on, and I was happily amazed at what I saw on the screen. Mother Teresa of Calcutta had the Trans-Neptunian planets Hades and Poseidon angular on her map for Calcutta. This is precisely what you would expect for this woman, whom many considered a saint. (See data for these charts below.)

Looking at Mother Teresa's natal chart (not shown here), I noted that Hades is rising. Hades has to do with disease, poverty, filth, suffering, garbage, decomposition and evilness. In its "highest" expression, it also has to do with selfless service and compassion. We all know that Mother Teresa gained fame for caring for the "untouchables" - those suffering from leprosy that no one else would care for.

In Calcutta, Mother Teresa also had Poseidon setting. Poseidon has to do with enlightenment and wisdom, light and spirituality. Not only did she care for the physical needs of those around her but she cared for their soul as well. And, her work in Calcutta provided a platform from which she could preach her religious and spiritual views to the world.

My investigations led to a few more startling illustrations. Take a look at the natal chart of the Titanic. It sank right on its Pluto/MC line with Mars/MC nearby. But, also nearby is the Admetos set line! Admetos has to do with depth!, death!, containers or enclosed spaces! and ICE!

Another great example can be found in the chart of Princess Grace, who had her Kronos/IC line go right through Monaco. And, what does Kronos rule? Rulers, nobility, those in authority, governments, etc. -- you get the idea.

Computers have brought many benefits to the field of astrology, not the least of which is the ability to explore time-consuming techniques on lots of charts. I will continue to investigate this "new" twist and I hope you will too! Let me hear from you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Madalyn Hillis-Dineen is a Uranian astrologer and a certified Astro*Carto*Graphy interpreter. She is the Clerk of the NCGR and the marketing director of Astrolabe, Inc. You can contact her by e-mail or visit her webPage.

Data used in article: Mother Teresa, 8/27/1910. 2:25 pm, Skopje Yugoslavia, 41n59; 21E26. (Lois Rodden's Data News).

Titanic, 4/2/1912, 8 pm, Belfast, 54N35, 5W55. (Jim Lewis and Ariel Gutman, The AstroCartoGraphy Book of Maps)

Grace Kelly, 11/12/1929, 5:31 am, Philadelphia PA, 39N57; 75w10. (from Birth Certificate according to Clifford Data Base in Solar Fire 4 published by Astrolabe)

CREDITS: The background tile came from ABC Giant. The Uranus animation was by Iband. The stained glass window came from Misty Garden. The source of the computer animation is lost, but if you run into it on the web, please let us know so we can give proper credit. The animation of the Titanic is from Gary's Clip Art.